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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Tagged with: Elections

Money talks and bullshit walks

The election outcome was first and foremost a victory of massive campaign spending.

The district gerrymander is back—and looks like the final supes map

A map the community could live with is rejected, and replaced with one that favors conservatives and allies of the mayor.

Final, final, deadline for supes map is Thursday—unless it isn’t

City attorney says Task Force has to approve lines; various others talk about lawsuits.

What to watch for in the Assembly election

When to get results, how to read the early numbers—and what it all means.

Task Force finally listens to community, moves 5-4 to reject gerrymandered map

Community organizing and pressure forces panel to adopt a more acceptable map—for now.

There was never anything resembling an ‘independent’ Redistricting Task Force

The evidence is now abundantly clear: The Mayor's Office was running the show, and the final lines were drawn to please Breed and her allies.

Wheels fall off the redistricting process

At 3am Sunday, bad-faith gerrymandered map approved as four task force members walk out and community responds in disgust.

Elections panel does nothing about problems with Redistricting Task Force

Panel ignores clear evidence that right-wing groups are trying to gerrymander the supes districts to change the makeup of the board.

Redistricting process could change, dramatically, in Friday meeting

The entire redistricting process was thrown into an uproar yesterday, as the Elections Commission set a special meeting for Friday/8 to decide if it...

Haney wins lawsuit to change Campos ballot designation; does anyone care?

What does "civil rights lawyer" mean these days, and can a DA's Office promote civil rights?