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Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Opinion: A proactive vision for a flooded San Francisco

How could we change the cycle of damage? In a way, by turning back the clock.

Does SF have enough water to give some back to the salmon—and the ecosystem?

SF is hoarding water and killing fish—or it's preserving a precious resource from impending drought. Depends whose numbers you believe.

Supes grill PG&E exec on how the company is holding SF hostage

The company is basically saying 'Screw You' to the city, and is unapologetic about wanting to block SF from using its own clean public power.

Court rejects PG&E, sides with SF in major public-power case

Ruling not only saves the city hundreds of millions, but could pave the way for a real , green, public-power system.

After more than a century, PG&E is finally on the ropes in San Francisco

The city's moving to establish a public-power system—but we should also talk about accountability for the politicians and media that enabled an illegal monopoly for so long.

Supes to vote on public bank plan

Plus: Exposing the ongoing PG&E scandal, and a hearing on rent relief -- that's The Agenda for June 13-20

Finally, a city study says public power makes perfect sense

It’s hard to believe, after I’ve spent more than three decades talking about the advantages of public power in San Francisco, that City Hall...

PG&E is on the ropes

When the California Public Utilities Commission – never known for its tight oversight of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. – suddenly starts talking about...

PG&E picked a dumb fight with SF; will the city now pursue public power?

Toward the end of a hearing last week on how PG&E is delaying public projects, including affordable housing,by imposing unreasonable connection demands, Sup. Aaron...

The Agenda, June 11-17: A chance to move beyond PG&E

No matter who wins the mayor’s race, there’s a lot of good news from the San Francisco election – and one of the sleeper...