Stories about Hetch Hetchy

Finally, a city study says public power makes perfect sense

San Francisco could buy out PG&E's local distribution system, provide cleaner, cheaper energy, and make money in the process.

PG&E is on the ropes

There's never been a better time for the city to move on creating a public power system.

PG&E picked a dumb fight with SF; will the city now pursue public power?

The passage of Prop. A means SF now can start building its own electric distribution system -- and the folks at PG&E are giving the supes every reason to do so

The Agenda, June 11-17: A chance to move beyond PG&E

With the passage of Prop. A, the city can start to chart its own clean-energy future

The Agenda: Standing up to the cops

In an unprecedented move, most of City Hall is demanding that the police union accept reforms before getting a raise. Plus: Budget priorities and the real story behind the mayor's inaccurate Hetch Hetchy resolution. That's the Agenda, April 30 - May 6

PG&E, with Trump’s help, could shake down SF for $600 million

Criminal private utility makes another desperate effort to block public power in SF

PG&E tries to cheat San Francisco — again

Private utility, in a desperate move, seeks to prevent the city from shipping its own public power to its own public agencies

Clean Power program starts signup campaign

Residents and businesses can sign up now for 100 percent renewable power By Tim Redmond There hasn’t been a lot of news media attention to it,...

Solar power isn’t green? PG&E scam heads to the November ballot

Despite last-minute efforts, a misleading measure seeking to undermine clean public power is going to the voters. Will the mayor help defeat it? By Tim...

The Agenda, May 4-10: Housing protests, housing policies, and housing politics

When is it "political games" and when is it political reality? And it's fun to see the mayor praising Chris Daly, who did exactly...