Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tag: Hillary Clinton

Letter to the Editor: Weighing in on Garfield’s leftist cred

Garfield has been transformed into a icon of the left—but what's his creator doing with Mike Pence?

Why did so many people vote for Trump?

Radical economic inequality causes social breakdown. We're seeing it right now.

Screen Grabs: When punk made racism uncool again

White Riot documents Rock Against Racism. Plus: I Wake Up Streaming, Trial of the Chicago 7, The Wall of Mexico, more

Screen Grabs: Early glimmers of a legendary firecracker

Carole Lombard's pre-screwball movies get a deluxe release. Plus: Nightstream and Blumhouse horrors, The Campaign of Miner Bo, more

The end of Shahid Buttar’s campaign — and the lessons

Shahid Buttar’s campaign against Rep. Nancy Pelosi was always a longshot. He was challenging the person most responsible for challenging Donald Trump, and while Pelosi has angered some progressives...

The problem with ‘centrists’

The resignation of New York Times columnist Bari Weiss is all over the news, and the right-wingosphere is using it to push the demonstrably false narrative that major news...

Foreign correspondent: Libya, the forgotten war

I arrived at the airport in Tripoli, Libya, on assignment for CBS Radio with my paperwork in order. I even had the phone numbers of local immigration officials in...

In ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble,’ filmmaker Dawn Porter limns civil rights icon

Congressman John Lewis, the civil rights icon who has represented the 5th District of Georgia, including Atlanta, since 1987, is 80 now, running for re-election this fall and battling...

Foreign Correspondent: Michael Flynn’s forgotten Turkish connection

Trump’s Justice Department wants to drop all charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn despite his having admitted to being guilty. Twice. The judge in his case has...

If the Democrats want to elect Trump, just have more debates like this one

Much of the almost-unwatchable, atrociously badly moderated debate, was about trashing Bernie Sanders, and much of what some candidates said was that he would lose to Trump. Those candidates just...