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Monday, October 25, 2021

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Tagged with: Housing Rights Committee

Eviction-free SF: Advocates say that renters still have options

Know your rights—the moratorium is over but renters still have a lot of protections.

Two-thirds of needy SF tenants could get zero state or local rent relief

Supes hearing shows huge gap between the promises and the reality -- but the money is there if the mayor is willing to spend it.

A sneak attack on rent control and affordable housing in Sacramento

Little-noticed state bill would allow local government agencies to overturn ballot initiatives that protect renters or limit bad development.

SF can buy housing for thousands of people, now.

With federal and local money, taking over hotels would cost a fraction of the price of building affordable housing.

Again, the Chron pushes the Yimby agenda that will never work

But a public bank might actually make a difference. Plus: Rent relief and accountability for business districts. That's The Agenda for Jan. 24-31

Lawyers say it’s unsafe to restart eviction cases

Last week, about 30 lawyers and organizers gathered outside the state building at 455 Golden Gate Avenue to demand that the state Judicial Council...

Rob Eshelman-Håkansson, journalist and activist, dies at 47

Rob  Eshelman-Håkansson, a fearless journalist, former legislative aide to Matt Gonzalez, and organizer with the Housing Rights Committee, died July 15, 2020. He was...

Sup. Preston calls for permanent ban on evictions due to COVID-related rent debt

Sup. Dean Preston is moving to ensure that tenants who are impacted by COVID-19 don’t wind up getting evicted after the crisis is over. Preston...

An emergency platform for protecting unhoused people

The Coalition on Homelessness just put out an emergency policy platform to protecting unhoused people from COVID-19. You can sign the petition to show...

Could SF take over thousands of rent-controlled apartments?

Supervisor Dean Preston is demanding that one of San Francisco’s biggest landlords, Veritas Investments, halt the sale of 76 buildings in the hope that...