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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Tagged with: Iris Canada

The indigenous struggle to save trees — and sacred spaces — in Humboldt

Between the timber companies and state agencies, so much devastation.

Mother’s Day — for homeless mamas

A story of eviction, gentrification, poverty -- and hope.

The bad narrative of ‘bad choices’

It's an easy way to look away and blame homelessness on poor people.

The virus of poverty

I was born into a deadly Virus No it wasn’t in the time of MERS, Ebola or Osiris -  It was a disease that kills- that...

Moms4Housing stand up to eviction

UPDATE: The Sheriff's Office forcibly evicted the Moms this morning. https://twitter.com/LeftSentThis/status/1217138736560930817 Dominique Walker issued the following statement: “We’ve heard from people all over the world who are...

Eviction, elder abuse, and homelessness

“I am being evicted from the home I was evicted to. I don’t know where to go now. I want to come back to...

Who can ask for anything more? A review of Tony Bennett in San Jose

Dear Mr. Bennett, I rarely dress up. Outside of a funeral, you’d never see me in a tie. So when I found out you were coming to...

‘Take back our lives:’ The words of poverty scholars

May 2 marks the 10-year anniversary of the passing of poet Al Robles. Al Robles was conferred much respect as a poverty scholar of...

Supes refuse to allow building owners to profit from evicting senior

The Board of Supes sent a clear message today that people who evict seniors shouldn’t get a lucrative permit to turn former apartments into...

Supes asked to allow condos where centenarian was evicted

The owners of a Page Street building who evicted a centenarian who died shortly after losing her home are asking the Board of Supes to...