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Monday, September 25, 2023

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The virus of poverty

The fear that many of us feel today has been a part of daily life for homeless people.

The Village tent city in Oakland

I was born into a deadly Virus

No it wasn’t in the time of MERS, Ebola or Osiris – 

It was a disease that kills- that colonizers pretends won’t make you get ill — 

They hope you reach for more of their deadly poison like alcohol and pills 

It causes chills 

you feel so Cold so bad you can’t ever get well

And the worst part is for my lifetime and yours 

There is no vaccine or white-science cure

Yea what ills me- what has made so many of my fellow po mamas & grammas like Iris Canada and Elaine Turner fatally sick 

Is the murderous disease of greedy, wealth-hoarding krapitalists

Yes I’m talking about the Virus that sucks 

The blood and life out of all of us

That rips us from our natural ways of interdependence 

 patience -ancestors and ancient life-ways

That puts a price on Mama Earth

Our Mamas love, interdependence and our spirits and cultures known since birth 

I’m talking about the most successful virus this 21st century has ever been lied to  

I’m talking about survival of the fittest — 

You can’t make enough money to survive or pay rent — too bad —

violence called called Krapitalism 

Has a jail cell, shelter bed, or cardboard box for your houseless mama or dad

The symptoms, the collateral damage, the intent 

are murderous and violent,

Called exploitation, false borders, scarcity, displacment, incarceration, police terror, eviction and homelessness,poverty

the profit-makers wait for us to fail so they can scoop us up, kick us out of our homes, our hoods, our love with their evil blood-stained dollars trails

Hahaha haha, the banksters, real estate speculators & devil-opers lie in wait laughing while they inject us with their poison greed and hate — So confusing we think hoarding means we 

got it made ……

Today’s message from a poverty skola is dedicated to all my fellow sufferers of the other killer virus called Krapitlism and its most deadly symptom called poverty.

The Village tent city in Oakland

Yes, I was born into this virus, to a colonized destroyed mama, who could barely raise me, so destroyed by the symptoms required to keep it going, so to-up from a lifetime of abuse, exploitation, and violent poverty. She could barely be my mama. She could barely keep up with the endless colonial drama.

I wake up every day now as the streets get quieter and the people become more scared oddly calm – but there is nothing different for me because of something called Covid19. Just try to live thru 22 evictions, endless police harassment, homelessness, and poverty.

The terror in people’s eyes for me has already become normalized. Try worrying every single day if you are going to have enough food, access to running and/or clean water, whether your blankets are going to be wet, whether you will ever get warm, whether you will ever be anything close to safe. Try that for most of your life.

I’m not saying these things to make people feel guilty or strange. I’m only trying to note that for the first time, maybe ever in most people’s lives you get to know what it feels like to be a veteran in the ongoing violent war on the poor. To suffer from the other deadly disease and its symptoms of anxiety, hunger, depression and scarcity

There was not a day that I woke up not scared, tense, or freezing when me and mama lived outside, and even then when we would temporarily move inside — motel rooms, apartments — we couldn’t sustain, and our cars that had no current registration so unsafe lives, would always be right around the corner.

Then later as an adult, houseless again with my son and now elder mama, evicted over a rent increase, once again terrified of would my son be safe, would my mama be safe would she get sicker, would we get access to food, diapers, enough money to rent a motel, to fix the car, to dry our blankets, clean our clothes and on and on. Every single fucking day we were scared whether we would have access to basic necessities like food and toilet paper. Every single day we were worried or terrified about an unseen, unknown aspect of poverty that would creep up on us. This virus.

And actually what is exciting to me is that in this “Viruscrisis” we are seeing massive moves made against the real virus of capitalism and its multiple symptoms of wealth-hoarding, criminalization, incarceration and evictions.

Moratoriums on eviction and other powerful moves to liberation

Every day in this time I wake up to see more cities putting moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures. Communities taking back homes, interfering in the evil processes of buying and selling Mama Earth which is an absolute sickness and always hurts.

Evictions kill elders and permanently destabilize children. Eviction for the first time in this stolen land herstory is being seen as the violent act of inhumanity that it is, fueled by peoples fear of more contagious humans in public, real moves are being made to prevent more poor and low-wage people who can barely afford to keep up the lie called rent.

And while the violent Krapitalist in the White People’s house is actually trying to make it harder for us poor folks to get our little scarcity model crumbs of food stamps — by making work restrictions harder which would leave literally 700,000 families unable to get EBT —   a judge blocked this insane anti-poor people ruling.

As well we are seeing the demand of the end of sweeps of our unhoused bodies, and towing of the cars we live in by advocates and some cities are listening. As well, the beautiful companaras from LA , following in the footsteps of Moms4Housing, who just took over an intentionally hoarded house in LA and who are demanding all hoarded and vacant homes “owned” by Caltrans to be given back to the people who need them most, houseless families and elders.

There are actual calls for no-copays for health care, and implementation of real healing care for all. Paid sick leave demanded — and in some cases paid — over these mass epidemics. These are moves that get at the real illnesses of scarcity and poverty.

And then we have the extremely simple idea of people helping each other. Inter-dependence — a direct challenge to the cult of independence shoved down our throats in Krapitalism from day one so we can all be good consumers and live separately and consume more than we would ever need if we were living with families and/or in community. It’s funny to me as conscious people call and implement something they call “mutual aid” — as a 6th grade drop-out, I’ve never even heard that term. Not sure what it was when I first heard it — but then I realized it was just interdependence.

That’s something us poor, houseless and formerly houseless land liberators at Homefulness already practice and have practiced since our inception. Revolutionary Love work we call it — taking care of what needs to be done for each other, not a strategic plan or a grant guideline, just a knowledge shared among us po folks that if we don’t take care of each other some of us won’t make it.

“Go ahead and knock on peoples doors, ask how they are, if they need something,” —Said by middle-class media reporter on the radio 

Lest you think the virus called Krapitalism only impacts us poor people — oh no, it’s got us all disturbed, the fact that the simplest of care-giving moves has to be taught back to people. The simple idea of checking on elders and folks who live next door to you, as an act only inspired by the Covid19 virus – means we are all so sick with the virus called Krapitalism.

I in no way am making light of this terrifying virus, one that has killed people and caused increased anxiety in millions.  I am only noting that perhaps this virus is causing us to look at another more deadly virus, the ongoing virus that won’t end with a vaccine, or an increase in hydration or washed hands.

Like poverty and colonial trauma, this moment will have a different kind of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I worry that the fascists will become more fascist and the hoarders will hoard more and the haters will hate more,  and although there will eventually be a magical cure from Big Pharma that everyone will happily welcome, there is no cure for the virus called Krapitalism —  except moving differently, understanding the violence of eviction, extraction, hoarding and accumulation. So my only hope is that for the first time in the lives of un-conscious Krapitalists, because they have had to move in a not so self-centered, greed-filled way, that they have learned that there can be a different way to move on Mama Earth.

Join POOR Magazine/United Front Against Displacement & Self-Help Hunger Program as we continue radical redistribution with unhoused and poor folks in encampments and poor people housing ComeUnity Healing,Cleaning Sanitation Supplies Radical Redistribution Days at Encampments & Po People Housing