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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Tagged with: Luis Gongora

Letters: Criminalizing SF youth, selling out cab drivers ….

... and the sad end to Anchor Steam. Our readers respond.

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

In a historic moment, jury convicts officer on all counts of killing George Floyd.

DA Boudin: ‘We don’t see jail or prison as the only or basic response to crime’

An exclusive interview with the district attorney after a year in what has been an immensely challenging job.

COVID is devastating the US economy—while the very rich get very richer

My poor puppy hates the fireworks. They’re loud and unpredictable. There are many theories, some of them pretty out there, as to why so...

Which side of the ‘house divided’ are you on?

This morning I made the dire mistake of reading twitter comments on a San Francisco Chronicle report of protesters at SF Mayor London Breed's...

Protesting Uber’s IPO — and police secrecy

The finance experts expect Uber to hit Wall Street on Friday/10, possibly with the biggest IPO since Facebook – but not until after both...

Mayor Breed’s brother should be released from prison

Jerry Brown is poised to leave office with 740 people on death row and 130,000 others in state prisons, 70 percent of them Black...

Rally denounces DA’s failure to charge killer cops

A crowd rallied on the steps of the Hall of Justice today to denounce District Attorney George Gascon’s decision not to file charges against...

Wiener’s real estate bill gets first Senate hearing

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s real-estate bill that would increase height limits across 96 percent of San Francisco faces its first hearing in the Senate...