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Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Tagged with: Mayor's Race

Campaign Notebook: Mahmood’s ethics (and PR) problem, huge billionaire money …

... and a new organization tracking the plutocrats. Our weekly roundup of news about the March election.

The billionaire plutocrats set their sights on controlling SF’s Democratic Party

Big money from tech barons comes into the local DCCC race—and to support the mayor's pro-police agenda.

Here come the billionaires: Election 2024

Big money goes into measures attacking poor people and eroding police oversight. It's really about Breed's re-election and the oligarchs controlling the city.

Breed looks for political points by finding more ways to punish poor people

The latest: Drug testing for welfare recipients, which will never work and probably never happen. Do we live in San Francisco or Texas?

Cruise and Waymo are finding widespread opposition

For a change, a new technology is not impressing people, and the city might actually take regulation seriously.

Have you read these? Our top stories of 2018

It's been a wild rollercoaster of a year, which from some vantage points seems like several very, very long years. Two elections, a contentious...

Mayor’s race even closer with 64,900 votes still to count

The mayor’s race got even tighter with today’s results, and now Mark Leno is only ahead by 114 votes in the ranked-choice tally. He remains...

Leno’s lead drops as votes come in from conservative parts of town

Mark Leno’s lead dropped to 255 votes with the latest count, but a closer analysis of the numbers suggests that the ballots that were...

With half the votes counted, mayor’s race still too close to call

As I was walking into the Rafael Mandelman for Supervisor party, at Cafe Du Nord, I ran into Sup. Hillary Ronen, who was heading...

Election night: What to expect

It’s Election Day! You can still vote until 8pm. You can go to City Hall and register and vote. Every vote will count in...