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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Tagged with: Monster in the Mission

Monster in the Mission is now 100 percent affordable housing

Community activists were not 'anti-housing,' They were anti-displacement, and they won.

The Chron has a Mission business story all wrong (are we surprised?)

There are very real issues of displacement and racial equity in the debate over moving a tech-centered 'destination' to 14th and Mission.

Monster in the Mission is now 100 percent affordable housing

A lesson in community organizing. Plus: Half the cops who broke the rules get no discipline -- and some new rules to prevent city ethics scandals. That's The Agenda for Sept. 7-14

Old SF money backing stealthy new right-wing group

Most start-up political organizations like a splash. They hold news events, press conferences, big galas to say: We have arrived. This is who we...

City Planning (finally) admits it has a problem

The Land Use and Transportation Committee hearing this week was remarkable: For the first time ever, as far as I can remember, the Planning...

Is the Monster in the Mission dead?

For years, as community leaders fought for affordable housing instead of luxury condos as 16thand Mission, the developer who owned the site said that...

Planners hear how Nancy Skinner’s housing bill would hurt SF communities

Several members of the Planning Commission expressed concern this week about SB 330, a bill by Sen. Nancy Skinner that is supposed to speed...

Save the Redstone Building!

My first job in San Francisco was in the Redstone Building, at 2940 16thStreet, near the 16thand Mission BART plaza. I worked as a...

1979 — In the Mission

No Monster in the Mission! Build the Marvel, not the Monster! Competing voices and visions packed the auditorium of Mission High School Feb. 7 to...

Chilly reception for the new Monster in the Mission plan

Outside the packed Planning Commission hearing on the Monster in the Mission Thursday evening, I saw Tim Colen, senior advisor to the pro-development Housing...