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Friday, May 24, 2024

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Tagged with: New Conservatory Theatre

‘The Tutor’ offers a radical take on love triangles, queer Iranian expat-style

Torange Yeghiazarian's NCTC play refreshingly lets a young lesbian from a repressive county just be horny.

Jewelle Gomez’s ‘Unpacking in P’Town’ lights out on 1959 chosen family vacay

Playwright says her latest calls upon real life, but its catty quintet seem oddly divorced from the times.

High camp ‘Ruthless!’ is hilarious tonic for holiday overload

Over-the-top New Conservatory production asks 'What if 'All About Eve,' but with school children?'

In ‘Before the Sword,’ beloved fantasy author becomes metaphorical Merlin

Engaging New Conservatory play puts a (slightly) queer spin on an episode in 'Sword in the Stone' writer TH White's life

Quaking with fervor at the brothel in ‘The Confession of Lily Dare’

Camp maven Charles Busch's latest at NCTC has all the diva elements, although the execution's airy.

‘Getting There’ wove Ugly American tropes into Parisian storylines of love and loss

Dipika Guha’s world premiere one-act at New Conservatory entertained as it lampooned.

Sympathetic ‘A Picture of Two Boys’ tells story of friendship under fire

It's a tale that will feel familiar to many—but does the play have what it takes to do the trope justice?

Clash of generations in ‘Aunt Jack’ hilariously upends LGBTQ+ cliches

Nora Brigid Monahan's West Coast premiere at New Conservatory seizes on familiar genre tropes to tell a necessary story

In ‘Encore’ at NCTC, the song remains the same

A flip though the company's musical numbers of the past two years should be a romp, but needs context and energy

Time-tripping back to the height of AIDS in ‘PrEP Play’

'Peggy Sue Got Married' meets pre-exposure prophylaxis in Yilong Liu's relevant tale of generational disconnect