Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tag: Ocean Beach

How To Reopen Nightlife: Keeping it cute and safe for all on the dance floor

What should we expect from venues and each other when clubs come back? The first in a series exploring issues left to face.

More parks privatization: The horses of Golden Gate Park

Private vendor takes over public space for high-priced concession -- and workers get to live in trailers in the park (while homeless people are kicked out).

New Music: Clarity, tenderness mark Kelly McFarling’s twangy ‘Delicate’

In new single, the local alt-folk singer-songwriter feels out the power and limitations of words today.

[UPDATED] Arts festival sues city in push for safe live performances—before rain comes

City revokes SF International Arts Festival permit for weekend program as arts languish amid reopenings

How did the Ocean Beach party happen—and can we prevent another incident?

Why didn't the police shut things down earlier? Sup. Stefani wants criminal investigation; Sup. Mandelman worries about Halloween

[UPDATED] A Burning Man sound camp responds about Ocean Beach party that drew 100s

BAAAHS says masks were distributed and social distancing enforced—but why didn't someone just turn off the music?

Rival GoFundMe launched to counter anti-homeless Embarcadero group’s

After a contentious meeting earlier this month about a homeless navigation center coming to the Embarcadero, a group of residents from the wealthy area launched a GoFundMe campaign, aiming...

Party Radar: A Wicked weekend, indeed

PARTY RADAR OK I think I seriously slipped on a rainbow oil slick broke something at Pride this year: I'm just now recovering! (Throwing a Victorian micro-rave with 30 friends...

Arts Forecast: Fresh Meat, North Beach Festival, Corgi Con…

ARTS FORECAST Pride is looming in the distance like a monstrous, rainbow-bedecked Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man—look for my guide to drop soon—but alongside the parades and parties, and, hey, even a...

Trump’s offshore oil plan is a hostile act by a rogue nation

We can’t overstate just how much President Trump’s offshore drilling offensive threatens the planet and its inhabitants. Not only is he inviting dirty drilling rigs off Ocean Beach and...