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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Tagged with: Prop. F

City worker unions head to ‘strike school’ as vacancies remain, contracts loom

Labor is fed up with the Breed Administration, and preparing for serious political pressure to fill jobs and give raises.

Prop. F won—but SEIU is ready to go on strike to get rid of it

Plus: How will SF find $7 billion to prepare the waterfront for climate change? And what does 'progressive' mean these days? That's The Agenda for March 10-17

Opinion: Prop. 1 and Prop. F are just more attacks on poor people

These are not solutions. They are just ways to make life on the streets even more unpleasant.

Now the Big Tech money is getting ridiculous

Billionaires put up $730,000 for a ballot measure that will have no impact on anyone's life—and not a penny for an affordable housing measure that would benefit everyone.

Campaign Notebook: Mahmood’s ethics (and PR) problem, huge billionaire money …

... and a new organization tracking the plutocrats. Our weekly roundup of news about the March election.

Connie Chan now in tight race in D1

Marjan Philhour takes 53-vote lead; next ballot count at 5pm.

Another big-money anti-tax front group emerges in SF

The Chamber of Commerce and GOP donors have created Fed UP SF to attack progressive taxes.

Political operatives try to defend dark money

The city’s new law mandating real disclosure for dark money in local elections is under attack – and the legal filing include some fascinating...

Sup. Vallie Brown evicted low-income tenants

Sup. Vallie Brown has a narrative driving her campaign: She had a difficult childhood, faced evictions and homelessness, and is now working to protect...

Behind the big money influencing City Hall

Lobbyists spent more than $12 million seeking to influence San Francisco City Hall in just the first six months of 2019, according to a...