Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tag: Sexual Assault

What we saw at Sundance 2021, part 2: More Ficks’ Picks at the big fest

Questlove's hypnotic 'Summer of Soul' sings, animated 'Cryptozoo' melts face, and two docs on Bay Area HS seniors bring cultural exposé close to home.

Deaf advocacy group diversifies leadership—but now faces lawsuit

Board president resigns after her racially-charged video rocks the Deaf Counseling Advocacy and Referral Agency community. But way forward may be blocked by legal challenge.

‘Small Axe’: ardent slices of life from an overlooked community

Director Steve McQueen's five-part series explores recent UK Black history, from protest to celebration

30 SF candidates sound off on how they would support sexual assault survivors

The Coalition of Local Anti-Rape Advocates questionnaire grills candidates on how they would support houseless, undocumented, and incarcerated survivors.

Ficks’ Picks at the 11th Annual CROSSROADS Experimental Film Festival 

This year's mind-melting batch of experimental films at San Francisco Cinematheque's 11th annual CROSSROADS 2020, may be extremely helpful to some of you looking for an alternative to all...

COVID is devastating the US economy—while the very rich get very richer

My poor puppy hates the fireworks. They’re loud and unpredictable. There are many theories, some of them pretty out there, as to why so many explosions are happening this...

Screen Grabs: Big hearts and summer lovin’

Summer romance is the foundation on which many a movie used to be built, before summer moviegoing became primarily about comic-book heroes and other forms of juvenile spectacle. (Admittedly,...

SF man faces deportation—for a crime he committed at 16

Based solely on appearances, Simon Liu resembles any other tech worker in San Francisco: Clad in a puffy jacket and sneakers, Simon carries his slender laptop so he can...

DA candidates address SF’s failures in sexual assault cases

The profound failure of San Francisco to address sexual assault in a way that prioritizes survivors has become a major issue in the race for district attorney. The three leading...

From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to Frameline: Kate Walsh on acting and activism

More is what six friends living in New York City are striving for in Sell By, Mike Doyle’s new romantic comedy. In the film, premiering at Frameline on June 26,...