Stories about SFMade

Whose waterfront is it, anyway?

The 'Mall on the Waterfront' issue is much deeper

Why won’t SFMade support Prop. X?

SF's outspoken advocate for local manufacturing is on the wrong side on a measure that would save ... local manufacturing

Why Prop. X is needed to save PDR

City planners have done nothing to stop the loss of blue-collar jobs and arts space. So now it's up to the voters

Illegal office conversion: A case study

For years, the owners of a Third St. building defied city zoning rules -- and they are still getting away with it. How is this possible?

SF finally cracks down on illegal offices

Zoning decision on Soma building sends a message that developers can't just turn industrial space into offices By Zelda Bronstein SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 -- San Francisco’s...

Can SF ever enforce its own zoning laws?

The story of 660 Third Street is a case study in how property owners seem to think they can violate the rules at will,...

The ongoing fight to save industrial space continues

By Zelda Bronstein SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 -- There’s lots of news on the light industrial/PDR (Production, Distribution, and Repair) front. On September 9, District 6 Supervisor...

How light-industrial space can be saved: The lesson of 2 Henry Adams

By Zelda Bronstein AUGUST 19, 2014 -- One of the top San Francisco business stories of early summer revolved around the question: Would the city...

Why SF City Planning can’t protect local industry from office encroachment: An alarming case study

By Zelda Bronstein MAY 29, 2014 -- At its May Day meeting, the San Francisco Planning Commission took a stand for blue-collar jobs, affordable housing,...

Can the supervisors save manufacturing in San Francisco?

Manufacturing needs low rents – and if tech offices are allowed to intrude, it won't survive. By Zelda Bronstein March 12, 2014 -- On March 13,...