Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tag: Sierra Club

Big Telecom giveaway bills head for state Assembly votes

Plus: Measure to limit CEQA appeals goes before supes and a rally to limit supportive housing rents. That's The Agenda for May 17-23

Planning Commission to hear a bad UCSF deal

Massive new development that violates historic agreements is drawing widespread opposition.

Holding the SF cops accountable

Plus building on toxic waste sites and the legacy of Alex Nieto ... that's The Agenda for Oct.18-25

Two opportunities to address Black housing inequities

Midtown in SF and Golden Gate Village in Marin could become models for Black self-determination.

SFPUC could be accepting PG&E’s nuclear energy

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is facing an unusual choice: PG&E wants to give the city’s clean-power agency $1.4 million worth of free power a year – from...

Who’s paying for a D5 poll aimed at attacking Preston?

Somebody has paid for a poll in the D5 supes campaign that is clearly testing messaging that might be used against challenger Dean Preston – and it raises issues...

The Sierra Club attacks our story; here’s our response

On February 19, the Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter posted an entry on its home page blog attacking my article “The Sierra Club and the luxury-housing developer,” which...

The Sierra Club and the luxury-housing developer

Are you a Sierra Club member who lives in Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, Alameda, Piedmont or San Leandro? If so, you fall under the aegis of the club’s Northern Alameda...

50 years later, the lessons of the Santa Barbara oil spill

Fifty years ago this weekend, there wasn’t anything you could call an environmental movement in the United States. There were a few signs, in January 1969, that Americans were concerned...

How the Yimbys got slaughtered in the November SF election

This was to be a banner year for San Francisco Yimbys at the polls. The group is the social-media focused, bright young face of the pro-development lobby. At the...