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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Tagged with: State of the city

The SF budget battle takes center stage

It's cops against social services in a politically charged budget year.

Prop. F won—but SEIU is ready to go on strike to get rid of it

Plus: How will SF find $7 billion to prepare the waterfront for climate change? And what does 'progressive' mean these days? That's The Agenda for March 10-17

Breed looks for political points by finding more ways to punish poor people

The latest: Drug testing for welfare recipients, which will never work and probably never happen. Do we live in San Francisco or Texas?

SF has exploited, failed, and bankrupted its taxi drivers

Mayors Lee and Newsom sold pricey medallions to make money--then let Uber and Lyft make those investments worthless. The drivers deserve help.

Finally, a state Senate debate

Plus: The municipal corruption scandal and the state of the city's economy. That's The Agenda for Sept. 28-Oct. 4

Breed’s State of the City: Let’s all work together

I have a lot of issues with Mayor London Breed’s State of the City speech, and I will get to that in a moment. But...

A more inclusive city budget, housing that doesn’t get built …

The new Board of Supes starts its real work this week, and one of the opening events will be Question Time. The mayor can...

Arts Forecast: Gray Area Festival lineup, Laborfest, Fillmore Jazz Fest…

ARTS FORECAST Lots of fests coming at you fast! We've got details below, but here's a future one to put on your radar: The Gray...

The Agenda: Ron Conway gets his way

Two of the leading candidates for mayor told me this week that they think something went very wrong with the Planning Department’s decision to...

Transportation, housing, criminal justice, and climate change. That’s ….

The national news media still seems to be talking about the relatively minor incidents of violence in Berkeley when the white supremacists came to...