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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Tagged with: Sundance

‘Cassandro’ director: ‘Even in the macho wrestling world, a flamboyant gay man broke down walls’

Roger Ross Williams on filming the incredible story of the Mexican lucha libre star with Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal

Screen Grabs: Scrappy kids, rotting queens, and ‘the Liberace of lucha libre’

Three of Sundance's most interesting movies finally hit screens here. Plus: Can you ride with Outlaw Johnny Black?

Screen Grabs: Black trans sex workers speak their truth in ‘Kokomo City’

Plus: Queer exuberance in 'The Unabridged Mrs. Vera's Daybook' and romantic fumbling in 'Shortcomings' and 'August'

’20 Days in Mariupol’: A war reporter must cover the ‘soft targets’ at home

'When I see people who need help, I would rather drop my camera,' says Ukrainian filmmaker and journalist Mstyslav Chernov

Frameline47 pumps queer joy into a wobbly cinema scene

From local heroes to intergalactic legends, the largest, oldest LGBTQ film fest is bursting with big screen love.

‘Past Lives’ actor Greta Lee: ‘This movie should be rated X emotionally’

Director Celine Song and her debut movie's star talk about conveying delicate experiences through humans without superpowers

Screen Grabs: CAAMFest returns with raunchy ‘Joy Ride,’ Indonesian rap, rocking Fanny

Plus: Doclands brings a focus on music and climate change, and 'Man With a Camera' still stuns.

Screen Grabs: At SFFILM Fest, local looks from Steph Curry to Boots Riley

Our picks from the 66th edition, which kicks off in Oakland and presents plenty of global visions (plus Rose Pak).

Screen Grabs: Confronting the horror of throwing kids in cages

Plus: Inspiring eco-youth in 'Blueback,' devastating grooming in 'Palm Trees and Powerlines,' snitty brats in 'Children of the Corn'

What We Saw at Sundance: In 39th edition, fest finds strength in powerful newcomers

Bay rapper Tia Nomore's film debut, terrifying teen spirit-conjuring, and a grisly 'Frankenstein' reboot thrilled.