Here’s what the Blue Angels leave behind

It's all fun and games until you learn about the air pollution, massive cost, and militarism ...

A nasty brown stain in the air that includes a lot of very toxic chemicals.


  1. "even as the entire world has changed."

    LOL. Don't you realize how absurd you sound? Have you honestly not looked out on the world lately? The world isn't changing for the better, bruh. So suggesting that it is somehow good for someone to just go along with the way the world is changing is beyond ridiculous and idiotic.

    Wake up, fool. Common sense is not ruling the world we live in. Could it be anymore obvious?

  2. Nope. Not going anywhere Diggity, And thanks for letting me get under your skin so easily. That was fun!

  3. I'm beginning to think I made a big mistake not getting a place in the country when that was possible.

    The City just sees to be getting noisier and noisier.

    Good thing my hearing is going south.

  4. "So over a million people come to the waterfront to see them and you want to disparage all of them."

    Lol. if you haven't yet learned how asily-entertained most Americans are by now, then I just don't know what to tell you, playland. Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's good. In fact, these days if something is popular it's most likely a bad sign.

  5. If your PTSD is that serious then perhaps the city is not the healthiest place for you to live. There are loud trucks, sirens….motorcycles that set off car alarms for blocks. Fireworks that must sound very much like a battlefield.

    Millions of people, mostly young families, had a great time outdoors this weekend, covering miles of the waterfront from the Ferry Building to Lands End. Kids were looking up at amazement, as something right out of their video games materialized right before their eyes.

    So tell me, how quiet does the rest of the population need to be to accommodate people who live in the city and have noise related medical issues?

    Should we outlaw Chinese New Year also?

  6. You be sure to do that in the face of a 6'7" veteran next time. I've got one in mind, just let me know if you're as flippant about other people's needs, in the real world as you are online. Good stuff!

  7. The Port of Oakland's tractor trailers produce more pollution in one hour than the blue angels do all weekend.

  8. Not to mention traumatizing to the people suffering from PTSD, ironically enough commonly caused by service in the Navy and other branches. I'm fine w the idea of airshows, I went to plenty as a kid, but forcing them on hundreds of thousands of people is a weird tradition that costs a lot of money.

  9. More bewilderment and I guess, a grudging admiration that Tim has been so consistent for decades. He's literally never changed his mind on a single issue since he began writing all those years ago. It must be nice to be so convinced of one's own superior intellect that one remain steadfast, even as the entire world has changed, quite dramatically in many cases, around a person.

  10. <blockquote>AND they spew huge amounts of highly toxic chemicals down upon us</blockquote>No, they don't.

    Like every other machine out there they have some negative effects but the statement that they "spew huge amounts of highly toxic chemicals" is nonsense. Even the article that Tim found just said that they might present a danger to airport personnel who frequently handle the fuel.<blockquote>entertaining for about ten minutes for people who are easily entertained</blockquote> So over a million people come to the waterfront to see them and you want to disparage all of them.

    I don't think that you are going to seriously consider the fact that you are seriously out of touch, but could you at least try? For your own good?

  11. The Blue Angels are a MASSIVE waste of money and resources, they pose a very real danger to the dense populations they fly over, AND they spew huge amounts of highly toxic chemicals down upon us.

    But yeah, they're mildly entertaining for about ten minutes for people who are easily entertained, so let's never question this pointless, fruitless, horribly expensive/toxic/dangerous annual ritual.

  12. The best part about Tim publishing this article is that it got under your skin, SnapsMcKenzie — so much so that you had to lash out at Tim for writing it. Anything that successfully annoys fools like you is worthwhile!

  13. Tim, how many times over the years have you written this exact same editorial? I'm guessing at this point – at least 25 times or more. Do you ever tire of writing the same thing, over and over and over – and never seeing anything change?

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