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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Plan to put police funding in City Charter creates huge public safety risks

Labor activists say Dorsey measure would threaten a wide range of public-safety programs; it also won't work.

Breed’s police measure is a sweeping move to undermine civilian oversight and reform

It's cynical politics that could have serious implications for how the city manages a police department with a troubled history.

Police Commission hears community outrage—and two members call for investigation

Police response to Dolores skateboard event was 'embarrassing,' commissioners say; full hearing set for next week.

Cops appeared to violate their own policies during mass skateboard arrests

Public Defender cites lack of access to lawyers, parents despite clear rules on juvenile detention.

Police crackdown at Dolores skate party raises all sorts of troubling questions

Why so many militarized officers? Why arrest so many kids? Will Jenkins press charges? How much will this cost the city? And where is Sup Mandelman?

Mayor’s Office ‘semantic’ mistake: Another $82 million for the police

Huge error comes to light at hearing as City Hall prepares to give the department and the POA another blank check without much oversight.

Report shows 911 calls are down, crime is down—and police overtime is way up

Budget analyst raises questions about police budget as Preston calls for a full audit.

American policing is broken—and the history of Oakland cops helps explain why

A brilliant, incisive new book exposes the corruption on one city, and its lessons for policing in the US. We talk to the authors.

Four takeaways from the historic Police Commission vote this week

A progressive commission is becoming the focus of broader criminal-justice reform issues.

Police Commission considers dramatic changes in racist traffic stops (with Breed opposed)

If a slim 4-3 majority holds, SF could take the national lead in addressing pattern of cops stopping and hassling Black and Brown motorists.

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