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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Tagged with: Ahsha Safai

Supes approve housing measure that won’t lead to much new housing

Yimbys and Big Tech are going to blame the supes for blocking housing; what happens if they cut developer fees and it doesn't help the crisis?

Supes panel delays appropriation for reparations office and pilot programs

Walton sought a $10 million supplemental, less than half what the cops got; mayor says she has no intention of including it in her budget.

The politics of the UN Plaza event

Could we have just watched the unofficial start of the Peskin for Mayor campaign? Or did we just see the Breed for Mayor talking points?

Is Catherine Stefani the swing vote on the future of the Castro Theater?

It sure looks that way after today's vote to delay the decision untIl June 6.

The new mayor of Chicago and the lessons for progressives in San Francisco

A progressive beat a 'tough-on-crime' candidates in the nation's third-largest city. What does that say about SF in 2024?

The future of the Castro Theater could hinge on a few words in a landmark bill

Plus: Can we turn offices into housing? Do the cops deserve raises with no concessions on conduct? And can we use opioid settlement money to fund safe-injection sites? That's The Agenda for April 2-9

Supes fail by one vote to approve Sanctuary City resolution that challenges ICE, Biden

Matt Dorsey, who wants to deport Fentanyl dealers, blocks approval, as 10 board members say his approach is deeply misguided.

New board committees show little dramatic change—and some potential

Conservatives take over one panel, but progressives still control budget and land use—and a new committee on homelessness could take on a big role.

Nonprofit with $20 million in city money defies supes, won’t talk about labor issues

Board members furious that the Felton Institute refused to answer questions at a hearing on union-contract issues.

Supes approve police spy cameras after debate that reflects national political instability

When there is a real threat of fascism on the national level, what should SF do about the local police?