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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Tagged with: Antoine Hunter

Fresh Meat Fest celebrates two decades of queer/trans art—mariachis and all

Artistic Director Sean Dorsey speaks about the groundbreaking event's continued impact

Deaf advocacy group diversifies leadership—but now faces lawsuit

Board president resigns after her racially-charged video rocks the Deaf Counseling Advocacy and Referral Agency community. But way forward may be blocked by legal challenge.

Purpose in precarity: SF arts orgs share COVID-era gameplans

The COVID crisis has hit us all differently, and that variance certainly applies to local arts organizations. While the virus refuses to give a...

Fresh Meat Festival serves up revolutionary trans-queer dance, 17 years on

DANCE You will not find another festival out there like this one, or at least one that has embodied the same ongoing dedication to...

Deaf dance in the time of Trump

Last fall, dancers from Turkey's Deaf Dance Academy paid for much of their own airfare to perform Anatolian folk and belly dance in the...

Crip wisdom, alive and dynamic

ONSTAGE People with chronic pain, differently abled body parts, degenerative diseases comprise an important part of our society -- 19 percent according to one 2010...