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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Tagged with: Art Agnos

Some New Year’s resolutions for SF politics

I'm always happy to take the time as 2023 dawns to tell everyone else what to do.

UCSF’s new hospital: A pretty building, but in the wrong place

The school's plans will make one part of the city more unlivable and the other part less healthy and wealthy.

After more than a century, PG&E is finally on the ropes in San Francisco

The city's moving to establish a public-power system—but we should also talk about accountability for the politicians and media that enabled an illegal monopoly for so long.

Some defining issues in the fall supes race

The San Francisco Democratic Party will vote on endorsements for the Board of Supes Wednesday/22, and while the party nod doesn’t always mean victory,...

Talking Yimby, acting Nimby in District 5

A story is unfolding in the District Five supervisor race, ignored by the news media, that illustrates the contradiction between narrative and fact that...

Planners keep wanting to streamline approvals for housing that won’t get built

The Board of Supes isn’t back from vacation yet, but the Planning Commission is – and on Thursday/22 the panel will hear a report...

Vallie Brown’s big real-estate money

The campaign contribution filings for the first six months of 2019 are now public, and the most dramatic news involves the D5 supes race. For...

Preston launches campaign with energetic event

Dean Preston officially launched his campaign for District Five supervisor Friday night with a party that brought together a broad spectrum of the progressive...

Election winners and losers in SF

First, we don’t really know anything for sure yet. There are, according to the Department of Elections, an astonishing 139,000 ballots still to be...

OPINION: The best sort of democracy for San Francisco

Calvin Welch has been a dedicated housing activist and progressive leader for decades, but we have consistently disagreed with him about Ranked Choice Voting...