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Monday, December 5, 2022

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Tagged with: Breed

Mayor Breed personally ordered homeless sweeps, new evidence shows

City officials say they are at 'war' with the unhoused and routinely violate law and local policy, lawsuit alleges.

Mar concedes, as Board of Supes shifts in a conservative direction

Gerrymandering and fear-mongering on crime gives the mayor two allies.

Breed School Board appointee is now losing to progressive challenger

Alida Fisher will likely replace Ann Hsu; Mar's hopes are dimming in D4.

Beware the neoliberal establishment news media narrative

The election was not exactly a massive win for Mayor London Breed and her allies.

The supes races are showing the impact of the corrupt redistricting process

The Yimby housing measure keeps losing ground. But progressives who don't challenge that narrative are not doing well.

The SF Election isn’t over

More than 100,000 votes are yet to be counted. In close races, this could matter.

The wild and crazy election night, and what it all (maybe) means

The mayor's candidates are winning for supe. Her allies lost on Prop. H and Prop. M.

What to look for as tonight’s election results come in

Swing district, taxes—and the national fear factor

The big (and sometimes pretty strange) money trying to buy Tuesday’s elections

The big money coming into the SF elections is, as usual, a tangled web, with state and local committees funded by Big Tech and...

Opinion: Closing JFK Drive and the Great Highway was a big mistake

The post-pandemic reasons for closure are disingenuous and make for bad public policy.