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Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Tagged with: Building Inspection

How did the Housing Authority ignore awful conditions at Plaza East?

Western Addition public housing project has been a disaster -- but a private contractor ran it with very little oversigh

SF building inspectors have no clue about gas pipes that could explode

Stunning revelations about a lack of enforcement of safety standards emerge from supes hearing.

So what happens to all that empty downtown office space?

The supes (finally) are starting to discuss the post-COVID economy. Plus: Pay equity for nonprofit workers who operate under city contracts. That's The Agenda for April 25 to May 2.

Denmark, taxes, happiness, racism …

... plus saving the SIP hotels, cracking down on serial permit scofflaws, and more problems with private prisons. That's The Agenda for Feb. 22-28

DA Boudin: ‘We don’t see jail or prison as the only or basic response to crime’

An exclusive interview with the district attorney after a year in what has been an immensely challenging job.

Supes to vote on cops contract — as new records show history of blocking reform

Documents reveal a stunning pattern of the POA trying to prevent reforms -- but a deal to give the cops raises with no concessions is still pending approval.

Monster in the Mission is now 100 percent affordable housing

A lesson in community organizing. Plus: Half the cops who broke the rules get no discipline -- and some new rules to prevent city ethics scandals. That's The Agenda for Sept. 7-14

Tenants harassed by construction work during COVID

In her 27 years as a tenant on Leavenworth, Andrea Carla Michaels has had few issues with any of her landlords. Now she is the...

Homeless women take over vacant house in the Castro

Two unhoused women took over a vacant building in the Castro today, sparking a massive police response, at least one arrest – and renewed...

A city line of credit to help small businesses

Almost everything at City Hall is closed, cancelled, shut down right now. That’s obviously the right thing to do. Although I must admit, it’s a...