Sunday, April 18, 2021

Tag: Election Night

Big money didn’t win in San Francisco

The city's voters roundly rejected Uber and Lyft's Prop 22—though it won statewide—and elected a progressive majority Board of Supervisors, despite the Mayor's best efforts.

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Screen Grabs: When punk made racism uncool again

White Riot documents Rock Against Racism. Plus: I Wake Up Streaming, Trial of the Chicago 7, The Wall of Mexico, more

How did the Ocean Beach party happen—and can we prevent another incident?

Why didn't the police shut things down earlier? Sup. Stefani wants criminal investigation; Sup. Mandelman worries about Halloween

Final, final results: Progressives win three judges, DCCC

The results of the March 3 San Francisco election are finally (almost) final; the Department of Elections reports all but about 1,500 ballots have been counted. So we can...

Results show strong night for local progressives

It’s a good night for progressives in San Francisco. With the final Election-Day results in, we can say that two public defenders and a tenant lawyer look to be headed...

More results: Public defenders winning for judge

More results – only 22,000 Election Day votes, but we can seem some trends. All of the ballot measures are now passing; the tax and bond measures are getting more...

First results: A few surprises

The early results are in and there are some surprises. For starters, the numbers are very small – only 46,000 ballots were returned by mail before Election Day, and...

Election night live: Upbeat crowd at Sanders HQ

The Bernie Sanders’ San Francisco Office started to become more upbeat once the polls closed in California. At around 7:40pm, the office was busy with phone calls as the final...

Last-minute campaign intelligence — and Election Night Parties

I haven’t seen a campaign mailer from Rep. Nancy Pelosi in at least 20 years. She doesn’t make a habit of coming back to town before elections, either; she’s...