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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Tagged with: Hillary Ronen

A (too) modest housing bond, the impacts of APEC security measures …

... and what's headed for the March ballot? That's The Agenda for Oct. 22-29

Fake, misleading news and images on Twitter—and here at home

No, Dean Preston did not resign. Plus: The eviction "scarlet letter," Uber's role in SF taxis, and the mayor's dangerous housing policy is back again. That's The Agenda for Oct. 15-22

Best of the Bay 2023: City Living Winners

READERS' POLL: Best Salon, Best Bike Repair, Best Podcast, Best Hotel, Best Tour, Best Gym, more

Breed looks for political points by finding more ways to punish poor people

The latest: Drug testing for welfare recipients, which will never work and probably never happen. Do we live in San Francisco or Texas?

How will the city implement forced treatment for people with mental illness?

Plus: Does the Mayor's Office have a real homelessness plan—and what's going to happen new to Laguna Honda Hospital? That's The Agenda this week

Dorsey attack on wellness center signals larger issues in SF’s new War on Drugs

The mayor, the DA, and the Tech Right want to revive a failed policy—and maybe go after local judges.

Supes approve housing measure that won’t lead to much new housing

Yimbys and Big Tech are going to blame the supes for blocking housing; what happens if they cut developer fees and it doesn't help the crisis?

How will the cops explain all the arrests at the Dolores hill bomb skateboard event?

Plus: A big step toward a public bank and some good and bad housing stories ... that 's The Agenda for July 16-23

Supes make changes that will really matter in Breed’s budget proposal

Critical programs saved—but there's still a big structural issue here.

A bit of Breed budget trickery, and the side of the housing story that the press missed

Plus: A measure that would allow massive demolitions of existing housing. That's The Agenda for June 25 to July 2