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Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Tagged with: Horror

Screen Grabs: Getting warm and fuzzy over ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Aliens’

Plus: Recalling the erotic thriller craze, creepy 'Good Boy,' terrifying 'Klondike,' cute 'Aristotle and Dante,' more

Screen Grabs: Seeing the other side of Scorsese

Plus: Alternative Visions goes Buñuel, Astrakan touches, #Chadgetstheaxe swings, Perpetrator misses, more movies

The Shortish Project celebrates mighty impact of tiny tomes

Outpost19's lit database and publishing platform features 600 novellas by star and rising authors alike.

Screen Grabs: The scream queen has evolved—and she’s got real problems

A Tunisian cop gets burned, a relationship spirals catastrophically, and 'The Shining' but lesbian. New movies!

Screen Grabs: Shark Week? More like Shark Century

Plus: Dracula on a boat! Influencers butchered by Wendigo! Baffling Sasquatch! Devilish day trader! More genre delights

A musician risks it all to lead Ugandan opposition in ‘Bobi Wine’

Filmmakers Christopher Sharp and Moses Bwayo followed the presidential hopeful despite threats, jail, and shooting

Screen Grabs: Can’t we all just grow up a little?

Young people in crisis in 'Amanda,' 'Afire,' 'War Pony,' and, of course, 'Dude Bro Massacre III'

Sandra Bernhard: ‘I keep elevating my game and finding new ways into happiness’

The beloved performer comes through SF at Pride for 'A Spring Affair,' offering comic relief in a scary world

Flowers for queen mothers: New book pays tribute to ‘Legends of Drag’

Authors capture 'palpable rawness, inimitable refinement, infinite permutations' of queens of a certain age

Screen Grabs: ‘Elvis’? We’d rather watch ‘Clambake’

Plus: Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes, Flux Gourmet, Gatlopp: Hell of a Game, more new movies reviewed