Stories about Mary Jung

The Agenda, May 23-29: Amateur hour in the Mayor’s Office …

... plus Due Process for All and the move toward a Public Advocate

The Agenda, May 16-22: Big, ugly luxury housing projects in the Mission and the Tenderloin….

Plus lying cops, some very cool events -- and a new level of political sleaze. We look at the week ahead

The absurdity of the Airbnb supporters

Why are homesharers helping a giant corporation break the law?

Airbnb suddenly drops $245,000 into local politics

Big donations to measures sponsored by Farrell, Cohen, and Lee and to DCCC candidates come days after a new bill is introduced to more tightly regulate the company

Democratic Party superdelegate plan fails

But oddly, some Party leaders don't support the idea of giving 16-year-olds the right to vote

Attempt to change DCCC rules fails, narrowly

On a party-line vote, majority tries to keep control; progressives narrowly block "banana republic" move

San Francisco, two-party town

There's not a lot of room in the center these days

The Agenda, March 14-March 20: A mad rush to run the Democratic Party …

... and nonprofit displacement and the planning disaster that is the Academy of Art University

Plan to radically change local Democratic Party moves quietly forward

Proposal would add all the supes and the mayor to DCCC -- and change the politics of that important agency right before an election

SF’s campaign money: Loopholes, scams, and real-estate cash

We sort out the filings for the supervisor candidates -- which give a good sense of who is on which side in a divided city