The Democratic County Central Committee races changed the balance of power on that panel – but also have some clues about the direction of local politics this fall.

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez has some analysis here, and points out (along with a fun map of the places where Donald Trump got votes) that some of the candidates running for supe didn’t do so well in the trial round, which is what the DCCC race was.

Every DCCC member appointed to the job by Chair Mary Jung was defeated
Every DCCC member appointed to the job by Chair Mary Jung was defeated

There’s also the fact that every single person who was appointed to a seat by the current chair, Mary Jung, lost. Every member of her leadership group except for her and Tom Hsieh Jr. lost.

Her slate lost 15 of the 24 available seats. That’s a pretty serious voter rejection of the current leadership (Jung is the chief lobbyist for the Board of Realtors).

We’ve drilled a little deeper into the numbers some of the precincts, and they’re interesting. In District Nine, for example, Josh Arce, who was running both for DCCC and for supe, lost his DCCC seat (he had been appointed to an open slot by Jung). He spent close to $90,000 on the DCCC race, and won 17,170 votes citywide.

In his home district, D9, the precinct results show that he won just 17 percent of the vote, a total of 3,027 votes. The last time there was an open seat in the district, in 2008, 26,000 people voted. With a presidential race again on the ballot, it seems likely the numbers will be similar. So Arce, despite having way more money that most candidates for DCCC ever have, is off to a slow start.

In District 1, where two people who will be top contenders for the supe seat both ran for DCCC, Sandy Fewer got 5,375 votes. Philhour got 4,214. Fewer won all but a handful of precincts.

And Fewer didn’t spent much money (about $10,000); Philhour spent more than $70,000.

Jung allies Kat Anderson and Alix Rosenthal both lost their seats
Jung allies Kat Anderson and Alix Rosenthal both lost their seats

So you get the picture. The people who are running against the policies of the mayor and the real-estate and tech industry are doing well. The people who are supporting the current leadership of the city are doing badly, despite having much more money.

  • Chris

    Let’s not forget that a lot of winning a DCCC seat is simply name ID. But apparently tens of thousands of dollars can’t buy you that

  • GGC

    These articles about the June primary are comical. The reason farther left candidates did better than usual was due to the high number of voters turning out to vote for Bernie Sanders (and of course those voters tended to have been further left). Stop pretending it is anything else. The city is trending towards more moderate candidates and November will prove this to be the case.

    • Greg

      What an incredibly tone deaf post! People are fed up with the housing crisis, the gentrification, just how damn hard it’s becoming to survive. And no, it has never been this bad. If you can’t feel the anger and frustration, then you must be on another planet.

      Yes, people came out for Bernie. They came out for Hillary too. And they’ll come out to vote in massive numbers to register their vote against Trump in November. Your argument is completely contrary to reality. Progressive turnout is always higher in November no matter what.

      • Nancy Snyder

        i know a few progressives in SF who evicted people to move into the Mission – one proud Trotskyite claimed to another progressive that “the neighborhood won’t get better unless we move here.” my point: i was evicted after 32 years in the Mission and it is horrible – i am tired of the sanctimony some progressives use – the holier than thou – progressives also evict and are racist as well

        • curiousKulak

          But progressives gave you a good chunk of the 32 yrs you spent in the Mission, at the same address. Whether that’s something to be thankful or not is a judgment call. I hope you can find happiness, forgiveness, and purpose.

    • Foginacan

      Last I checked, this City leaned liberal, left, progressive.

      Moderates are trying so hard to compete, recognizing there’s a new voter block to influence that aren’t yet sucked into what’s considered socially acceptable politics, that they’ve made some alienating choices. It’s clear they’re trying to one up the political games, doing things like funding blatant astroturf, and posturing based on vendettas instead of putting substance behind their policies and running ethical candidates.

    • hiker_sf

      Hello Sam!

  • S.

    So Philhour spent $27.58 per vote?

  • SnapsMcKenzie

    From Tim’s overheated commentary on the once-obscure DCCC you’d think it was actually responsible for something concrete. It’s not. The DCCC issues endorsements – that’s it. That’s its sole function. Since I moved to SF in 2004 I’ve followed Tim’s obsession with the DCCC and no matter who’s been in charge of the organization, progressive or moderates, the trend in SF has stayed exactly the same – more gentrification, higher rents and a lack of affordable housing. It amazes me that every 4 years this same campaign, with its hysterical opining from the left and the right, gins up and the end result remains exactly the same.

    • wcw

      Absent Cohen’s party endorsement, Tony Kelly would be Supervisor for D10.

      • SnapsMcKenzie

        It’s impossible to prove a negative. Kelly is a perennial candidate who doesn’t connect with D10 voters for some reason – probably because he’s a straight, white male in a district with a heavy African-American presence.

        • wcw

          Kelly and Cohen had 12% #1 votes in 2010, with Kelly slightly ahead.

          • SnapsMcKenzie

            Your point being?

    • Foginacan

      I don’t think it’s Tim’s obsession alone causing the attention shift towards DCCC.

      Local Parties got more attention after the Obama election, and emergence of the Tea Party around the same time. Speaking of the City, we watched Peskin gearing towards an expected mayoral run, appear to have bowed out of politics, then take up a seat with DCCC, and all eyes followed that move speculating what he was up to. But I would suspect within the political fundraiser world, and inner squabbles that never go public, the DCCC has been contentious for a while.

      The votes went by name recognition more than anything. Who is shocked by that?

      • curiousKulak

        Really? Gupta & DeJesus ahead of Jon Golinger (“the Wall on the Watefront”) and Jill Wynn (20 yrs on the School Board). And then there’s Cindy Wu and Mandelman ahead of old timers Arlo Hall Smith and Tom Hsieh.

        It does make one wonder if a lot of folks took a script to the polling place. I know that I DIDN’T, which left me high and dry trying to remember the good guys from the bad guys. (Alix Rosenthal can never be a ‘good guy’ to anyone).

        DeJesus was about 3000 votes ahead of the Mod unknowns, so there’s that.

        • Foginacan

          Why anyone would follow a voter guide at this point is beyond me, unless using it as a tip off on how compromised a candidate might be.

          Gollinger was only a backroom name until recently, and his incarnation of Telegraph Hill Dwellers was below the radar – much to the benefit of North Beach. I guess now he’s got a little name recognition. Kind of. Jill Wynn isn’t a household name like an Alioto, and never milked the board like Yee did. Cindy Wu was Rose Paks choice for Supervisor in D3, and got name checked pretty frequently in articles about that race. I don’t know the name Tom Hsieh to be honest but I guess he won? And Arlo Smith is long forgotten by a great deal of the current voter population. You’ve got me on Mandelman though, I can’t explain that one but I guess some people benefitted from incumbency? I definitely gave up about halfway through and reminded myself it’s still DCCC.

          It was equally nice to see Joel Engardio and his antics get a wake up call, and also see what happens when Peskin comes out from the protection of his district. His only chance at mayor is getting appointed after a recall, which is why they’re phone polling that idea already.

          • curiousKulak

            I’d be curious to know where the votes for Cindy, Rafael, Gupta & DeJesus came from. Rose Pak & Randy Shaw could probably pull that number out of a few hotels/projects.

            Golinger was front page (9f at least the Bay Section) on several issues; so his lose was a surprise – specially bested by the ‘four unkonwns’. As for Jill Wynn … yeah, kinda historic. As was Arlo and Hsieh.

            I think that if you have intentions of voting for DCCC, then a slate card of some sort it a must – if only to know who NOT to vote for.

          • Foginacan

            Gollinger is only getting press recently though. I was surprised by that one the most because he was a focus of the whole Peskin “takeover” stuff. I still don’t think he’s a household name. Was there anyone on the BOS that ran and lost?

          • curiousKulak

            No, but Sophie Maxwell (former) got more votes than Malia Cohen (current Supe).

            And poor John Burton. While Angela Alioto on the West side came in 1st!!

          • Foginacan

            I guess it’s a reminder that Malia won due to ranked choice, not popularity.

            I’m not shocked John Burton somehow has dwindling name recognition and possibly even support, he’s getting up there in years and these transplants can only bone up so much on local politics – but the Alioto comeback is like hell freezing over. She was far from popular by the end of her BOS term. This is the reason we had term limits.

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