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Monday, May 27, 2024

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Tagged with: Native American

Wildly inaccurate story leads to death threats for activist, 48hills writer

Lisa Gray Garcia, who writes as Tiny, gets attacked after New York Post does a sensational story about her work with UCLA medical students.

Finally, Native American land returned to Native Americans in Berkeley

At the ancient Berkeley shellmound, the Lisjan people get back their sacred land.

Screen Grabs: Danger in the Space Station! Danger in the Space Station!

'I.S.S.' delivers stratospheric thrills. Plus: 'Sunrise' vampires in the PNW and strange desert doings in 'The Seeding'

A dreamlike tale of anxious immigrant experiences in ‘Citizen’

Word for Word stages Greg Sarris' story of a young Mexican-Native American man grappling with a unique identity

Screen Grabs: Chronicle of a dark US chapter in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

Scorsese's epic is a big Hollywood project done right. Plus: 'Silver Dollar Road' looks at another alarming injustice

Screen Grabs: Shark Week? More like Shark Century

Plus: Dracula on a boat! Influencers butchered by Wendigo! Baffling Sasquatch! Devilish day trader! More genre delights

Circus Bella pulls no punches, flips, bends, twists, or puns in ‘Bananas!’

A year after returning to Bay Area parks, the local troupe provides a perfect family outing.

Fielder way ahead in D9 fundraising

Fifteen months before the election, she has raised enough to qualify for $309,000 in total money.

Strength in diversity, SF style: Carnaval rolls out for its 45th edition

Festival's organizers lay down what makes this neighborhood gathering great.

Arts Forecast: ‘Headlands’ is a whodunnit steeped in SF nostalgia

Many authors have used tales of mystery to dissect society and the self. Agatha Christie took a scalpel to the British upper crust's hypocritical...