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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Tagged with: NFL

Screen Grabs: The government is no one’s friend in ‘Costa Brava, Lebanon’

Plus: Heavyweight revival action this weekend, from Poland's The Three Colors Trilogy to—yes—Flash Gordon.

OK Culture and corruption at City Hall

Lindsay Crouse, a columnist for The New York Times, had a wonderful piece last week talking about Jon Gruden and systemic racism and sexism...

It takes a city to open the schools

Testing, tracking, vaccines -- and Muni! -- have to be part of the plan, and neoliberal leadership isn't going to help.

Love in a to-go cup: An off-beat quar-times Valentine’s playlist

Full-tilt covers, bizarre takes, choice oddities—what to listen to when you can't really date.

Good Taste: Al Pastortas, all purple everything—plus Lunar New Year, V-Day tips

Super Bowl snacks, ube mania, a mango-themed restaurant, loaded love latkes, and more local treats

Screen Grabs: Extreme double features for long winter nights

Opioids and cheerleaders, trans Western and gay Ramadan, chamber suspense and '80s retro excess: new movies!

Screen Grabs: Two looks at Black legends in ‘MLK/FBI’ and ‘One Night in Miami…”

As we prepare for Black History Month, new releases look back at the complex heroes who powered the civil rights movement.

Screen Grabs: A devil in Tasmania, Tel Aviv on fire…

SCREEN GRABS The San Francisco Cinematheque has been doing all too many posthumous tribute programs of late, as major figures of experimental film and video...

The (final) Doormat Division: Moldy Carpet Award goes to …

Week 17.  When teams have just given up, are fighting for the Doormat lives, are booking tee times in Florida, and, most importantly, are...

The Doormat Division: One more awful week to go

  BROWNS 26, BUNGLES 18 It was a hard-working day in the Dawg Pound yesterday at that place of 7-7-1, on Lou Groza Blvd, a place...