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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Tagged with: Poverty

The Chron’s coverage of drugs and Honduras gets into the courtroom—and trouble

Reporters talk to jurors during trial; public defender seeking a new trial. The dangerous media narrative remains.

Breed looks for political points by finding more ways to punish poor people

The latest: Drug testing for welfare recipients, which will never work and probably never happen. Do we live in San Francisco or Texas?

OPINION: Kafka’s Statue of Liberty

Is the symbol of the US holding a torch—or a sword?

Tenderloin tour upends ‘doom loop’ narrative

There's a lot more to the neighborhood than the national media wants to report.

Screen Grabs: No one can play it like ‘Johnny Guitar’

Joan Crawford's catty Western comes to the Roxie. Plus: 'Mobland' could cut the yapping, but Travolta's good

Screen Grabs: Two tough films focus on the people hit hard by economic inequality

Great examinations of working class erosion ('Between Two Worlds') and family opioid addiction ('Stay Awake')

Class warfare with a mop and bucket in ‘Doméstica Realidad’

An 'Upstairs-Downstairs' update—including apps and iPhones—in one of the most enjoyable shows of the year at Brava

Dorsey attack on wellness center signals larger issues in SF’s new War on Drugs

The mayor, the DA, and the Tech Right want to revive a failed policy—and maybe go after local judges.

Ending eviction moratoriums means more people homeless on the streets

Eviction Moratorium for Mama Earth— To truly liberate her from her paper dollar worth  Eviction Moratoriums =  Forever Houzin can weave a different story  For the mom...

From Hooverville to Nicklesville

A report from Seattle, where housing built and run by homeless people is having an impact.