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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Tagged with: Public Advocate

Supes challenge planners over construction on toxic sites

Resolution points to Planning Department's record of allowing new luxury housing despite hazards. Plus: Why City College matters. That's The Agenda for May 3-9

Can SF supes take on political corruption?

Committee hearing will give us a clue. Plus: Protecting SRO tenants, preventing evictions and saving nightlife venues ... that's The Agenda for Feb. 1 - 8

The sleaze reaches high tide at City Hall

How can this level of seemingly endless corruption have happened -- and how high does it go?

Supes, by one vote, reject public advocate plan

The San Francisco supes today refused by one vote to put a measure on the ballot creating a public advocate to focus on public...

Finally, a monument to a victim of police violence

For the first time in history, San Francisco will soon have a permanent monument to a person of color killed by the police. I was...

Supes are driving the political agenda in SF

The center of public policy in San Francisco has so clearly shifted from the Mayor’s Office to the Board of Supes that nearly every...

Big reforms could be headed for fall ballot

The Board of Supes Rules Committee will hold a special meeting Thursday/9 to consider a series of City Charter amendments for the fall ballot...

Anatomy of a corrupt $125 million city contract

In a remarkable and highly unusual hearing today, the Government Audit and Oversight Committee dug into the anatomy of a multimillion contract that Sup....

Public toilets—and public corruption

The deepening public works scandal, which now involves political connected permit expediter Walter Wong, appears to have links to a big corporation that has...

Special Report: Ed Lee’s police legacy

Editor’s note: As the candidates for mayor discuss law enforcement, police accountability, and the future of the SFPD, it’s worth looking back at how...