Monday, May 17, 2021

Tag: SB 35

SPUR, Yimbys say stealth state laws can force more housing

But what happens if developers don't want to build anything but luxury condos -- and maybe not even those?

Growth machine wins big in Berkeley

Mayor who ran as a progressive sides with developer-friendly plan for Adeline Corridor.

The mystery of Newsom’s 3.5 million housing units shortage

The data shows that the figure the governor still uses to justify his policies is just wrong.

Wiener tries to look progressive in debate

But that requires a bit of historical revisionism, since his record has always been very moderate on police, housing, and homelessness.

Talking Yimby, acting Nimby in District 5

A story is unfolding in the District Five supervisor race, ignored by the news media, that illustrates the contradiction between narrative and fact that underlies so much of current...

How the Yimbys got slaughtered in the November SF election

This was to be a banner year for San Francisco Yimbys at the polls. The group is the social-media focused, bright young face of the pro-development lobby. At the...

BART Board votes to endorse Wiener housing bill

On March 8, the BART Board voted 5-4 to support SB 827 – state Sen. Scott Wiener’s housing bill -- with undetermined amendments that address tenant protections, affordability, incentives...

Scott Wiener’s war on local planning

On January 19, I attended UCLA Extension’s 2018 Land Use Law and Planning Conference at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Seated in long rows of tables under...

Chiang wants to be governor, but is a bit vague on some key issues

State Treasurer John Chiang brought his campaign for governor to San Francisco today, and in front of a fairly modest media crowd accepted the endorsement of Sup. Norman Yee. Earlier,...

Little-known Yimby-developer bills will have big impact on local planning

Of the fifteen bills in the “housing package” signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on September 29, the one that got the most attention in the news media...