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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Tagged with: SFPOA

What the mayor’s D6 supe appointment means for the district—and the city

Matt Dorsey is smart, experienced—and seems to agree with the mayor's agenda on housing and the cops. He will face a tough battle in the fall.

Cops get raises; city gets nothing

Two letters that purport to show the POA agreeing to reforms amount to 'a complete nothing,' critics say.

Supes panel declines to reject police contract

Deal that committee members agree is deeply flawed will move forward to full board.

Major police reform item at supes committee Thursday

Should the city give raises to the POA without any new accountability?

A quiet, sweetheart deal for the cops

The Board of Supes will meet in closed session Tuesday/18 to discuss negotiations with city employee unions, and one of the issues on the...

Police union opposes Black Lives Matter posters

The San Francisco Police Commission wants to put Black Lives Matter posters in every police station. Chief Bill Scott supports the idea. Officers for...

Big money from the cops is becoming politically toxic

One of the positive results of the past week of in-the-streets outrage is the increased focus on politicians who take money from law-enforcement organizations...

The Chron’s bizarre (but predictable) attack on Chesa Boudin

To read the San Francisco Chronicle headlines, a rather routine decision by the new district attorney to bring his own staff to leadership positions...

Campaign trail: Leno, Kim issue joint endorsement ad …

For the first time in history, two major San Francisco mayoral candidates are running a serious, all-out ranked-choice voting strategy—and the outcome of the...

Campaign trail: DCCC backs Leno and Kim

The Democratic County Central Committee Wednesday night voted to endorse Mark Leno and Sup. Jane Kim for mayor, leaving the third spot vacant after...