Friday, February 26, 2021

Tag: Tech Industry

The stunning Big Money trying to buy SF’s election

Latest filings show huge cash infusions in district supe races from people who also oppose property-tax reform.

The sleaze reaches high tide in D5

Bizarre attack on Dean Preston defies facts, logic, and reality -- but that doesn't stop Big Real Estate and Big Tech.

Author of ‘Abolish Silicon Valley’ Wendy Liu says tech must change

"There’s this extreme power discrepancy that’s being magnified by Silicon Valley in ways that are not necessarily new, but they’ve improved upon the ways it already existed."

Wiener attacks SF supes

State Senator says board is not functional and harks back to his own days as a supe -- which were only "collegial" when it meant helping Big Tech

Breed budget prioritizes cuts to frontline workers over taxes on the rich

The mayor will be delivering her delayed budget to the supes this week, and it appears that she wants to balance it in part by delaying contracted wage increases...

Supes pass Overpaid CEO tax

Tax policy was at the top of the Board of Supes agenda Tuesday. The supes placed on the ballot a new business tax that would shift the burden away from...

Finally, a monument to a victim of police violence

For the first time in history, San Francisco will soon have a permanent monument to a person of color killed by the police. I was up on Bernal Hill the...

Supes consider major changes in business taxes

The Board of Supes Budget and Finance Committee will consider Thursday/16 a series of tax measures that could raise more than $100 million for the city and change the...

Letter to the Editor: ‘Ceci n’est pas une guillotine’

I guess I’ll have to sell something in order to pay rent to our corporate landlords this month. I’ve been holding out, trying bide time while my husband applies...

The latest way VC and tech disruptors are attacking SF’s housing stock

Sup. Aaron Peskin opened a hearing this week on regulations of corporate rentals with a remarkable statement: “In the almost 20 years I have been on and off this board,”...