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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Tag: The Independent

Fall head over heels for Criibaby’s gender-inclusive ‘love songs for everyone’

During LGBT History Month, the local artist releases music for all letters of the rainbow.

Last chance to vote for Best of the Bay!

Voting ends Sunday! Tell your friends and favorites—and join us October 22 for a LIVE announcement of the Best of the Bay winners!

Bottoms up for spirits-lifting Oakland Cocktail Week (now a month)

Support local bars and drink in good company, as the festival pivots to a vital fundraiser.

How Big Philanthropy undermines democracy

I have never believed that Big Philanthropy was the solution to economic inequality. The very, very rich give money to organizations and institutions that either bestow honors on them...

Noise Pop snaps, crackles, and jangles with surprises and new favorites

Facilitators of Noise Pop Music and Arts Festival know the key to running a successful week-long bill of shows throughout the Bay Area, which extended this year to Santa Cruz...

New Music: Stone Foxes polish their rock into ‘Gold’

Through numerous lineup changes over the years, San Francisco outfit The Stone Foxes—playing the Independent Sat/29, as part of Noise Pop 2020—formed in 2005 and have retained a sound...

As Afrobeat heroes Antibalas arrive, recalling a classic track

When Brooklyn's Antibalas—widely renowned as one of America's fiercest live Afrobeat bands—takes over The Bay for three gigs this weekend (Fri/4 and Sun/16 at The Independent and Sat/15 at The New...

You’ve never seen a ‘Gatsby’ like this

When his theater company starts working on a show, says John Collins of Elevator Repair Service, members don’t necessarily know–or want to know–where they’re going to end up. Maybe, for...

Noise Pop’s latest round showcases newcomers

Earlier this month Noise Pop, the annual independent music festival that takes place in San Francisco the week of February 24-March 1, announced its fourth wave of performers. With...

Goldie returns to revive SF’s golden age of drum and bass

If the early 1990s are regarded as the golden age of European techno, a theory recently put forth by British electronic music royalty Kirk Degiorgio, for San Francisco in...