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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Some perspective on the case of a brutal stabbing of an Asian senior

The assailant is not going free; he faces a 10-year prison sentence if he doesn't enter a mandatory mental-health residential treatment program.

Right-wing attack on local judges is officially underway

Two candidates backed by StopCrimeSF have now filed to challenge sitting judges, and more may be on the way.

Breed continues to push arrests as solution to substance-abuse issues

Evidence shows this policy never works as right-wingers continue to push their attacks on local judges

The right-wing forces can’t blame their DA or their mayor, so they are attacking judges

Ousting Chesa Boudin and creating a new War on Drugs isn't working, so now they are seeking someone else to blame

Newsom’s CHP plan will not make Oakland safer

Communities with adequate resources have less violence than communities with a lot of cops

Among the drug traffickers you don’t hear about: The United States Border Patrol

The media loves to blame immigrants, while ignoring the fact that some of the people guarding the border are also working with the drug cartels.

Hundreds who are by law innocent sit in SF jail because of court backlog

Public Defender's Office tries to draw attention to the clear violations of the right to a speedy trial.

Chesa Boudin talks crime, justice—and what’s happened to SF under Brooke Jenkins

The former DA has a lot of thoughts on the future of criminal justice—and the current state of San Francisco.

Banko Brown video is horrifying—as is the response of the district attorney

Attorney John Burris says Walgreens 'sent out an unguided missile.' Now a young Black trans man is dead.

All 11 supes are now challenging the DA on the Banko Brown case

The truth will come out eventually; it's hard to see how Jenkins can continue to hide the evidence in the face of huge community outcry.

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