Stories about Gavin Newsom

A letter from the Gavster

Newsom is running to the left, his fundraising email shows -- but there's nothing about economic justice

The Agenda, July 10-16: A landlord attack on ballot initiatives …

... plus what to do when robots take all our jobs, and Prince Gavin hides from the press. We look at the coming week

Should Uber be shut down?

Harvard business professor says the real problem in the tech industry is a "contagious" culture of lawbreaking that society shouldn't tolerate

Newsom’s lawyer says voters can’t be trusted

In stunning argument, Lite Gov's legal team says land use decisions should be taken away from voters -- and that the Port's future should be all about big-money development

The Tom and Tim Show: Our microwave spies on us ….

... as we about Gavin Newsom, Ahsha Safai, why the bi community was left out of When We Rise ... and much more

Does Newsom want to be the guv who turns SF into Miami Beach?

The Lt. Gov is pushing a lawsuit to strip voter control over waterfront development

The Tom and Tim Show: Tom Hayden learns the hard way about Gavin Newsom

Plus: Who's pretending to be a progressive for Halloween? We discuss the week

Why are we still pushing criminalization of homeless people?

It's a political strategy that was once used against LGBT people, and it's still alive in San Francisco

The mayor is sworn in — to boos and arrests

Protesters flood inauguration ceremony, send a strong message that all is not well in Ed Lee's San Francisco