Stories about gentrification

Listen, Yimby!

What if your market-based model is destined to fail? An open letter from someone who is not a Nimby

Begging and Immoral Lives: A pattern of police citations

Minor crimes take huge amounts of police time -- and follow gentrification

Why SF’s City Planning Department doesn’t get it

The Mission District and the SF of the future that planners are endorsing is not what San Franciscans want. Spirit matters

An open letter to Tony Bennett

As you turn 90, your city by the bay is breaking the hearts of its seniors

A 99-year-old still faces eviction

What does Iris Canada owe to the white people who want to turn her home of 50 years into condos? Nothing

The right to remain

Thanks to capitalism, the rate of change of culture now does not let deep roots settle--anywhere. But it doesn't have to be that way

A terrible housing bill looms in Sacramento

Measure that would undermine local affordable-housing rules heads for state Assembly with Gov. Jerry Brown's support
48 Hills Streetopia

Dreaming of a new Streetopia

Groundbreaking 2012 arts festival -- which fought Lee's "art washed" gentrification plan -- is revisited with new book and two events, Thu/15 and Fri/16.  By...

SF kids speak out against displacement in ‘City Not For Sale’

By Caitlin Donohue While adults (grant inequity-spurring tax breaks to social media companies and) dither on about the current influx of wealthy tech workers and...