Stories about Immigration

Federal agent’s loaded gun, left unsecured in a car, killed Kate Steinle

So why is all the attention on an immigrant who was at the end of an unfortunate chain of events?

A ‘dangerous felon’ who was never convicted of a violent crime

The 'seven felony convictions' of Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez are all minor -- but that's not what you read in the news media

Tearing down the ‘Walls’

Latest SF Mime Troupe takes on the challenge of immigration, and parodying 'a government that is a parody of itself.'

The Agenda: May Day!

Lots of actions as the resistance movement continues to grow

San Francisco continues to push back against Sessions

Herrera responds to latest attack from Trump Administration

Trump’s lawyer backs down on massive federal cuts for sanctuary cities

In court hearing, administration admits that feds can't force cities to become immigration cops

The Tom and Tim Show: The Trump (and SF Budget Committee) horror shows

Plus why is the School Board censoring KALW? We discuss (and get really pissed about) the week. Listen in.

Supes, mayor fail on immigration

Fewer plan to defend immigrants from deportation gets gutted in disgraceful Budget Committee hearing

The Tom and Tim Show: Immigration, Housing …

... and Trump's attack on the Transgender community. We talk about the week

The Agenda, Feb. 26-March 5: What’s still wild in SF …

... and why are housing prices so high? There's data on that, and it may surprise you