Stories about Tech

Should Uber be shut down?

Harvard business professor says the real problem in the tech industry is a "contagious" culture of lawbreaking that society shouldn't tolerate

A gentrified language

SF poet Randall Mann's new collection 'Proprietary' maps the emotional landscape of a rapidly changing city.

The Agenda, Feb. 26-March 5: What’s still wild in SF …

... and why are housing prices so high? There's data on that, and it may surprise you

Why tech money wants to rule SF

There are billions of dollars at stake, depending on who gets elected Nov. 8

Palo Alto and the tech shop of horrors

Behind the story of the Peninsula planning commissioner who made national news by saying she had to leave town to buy a house for her family

Pokemon hunters take over the city

Weird, creepy, fun ... whatever it is, the newest phone game has thousands wandering the parks and streets searching for Squirtles and Eevees and Ninetales.

Protesters demand tech workers stop trying to evict teacher

New strategy seeks to throw out in-law tenants for nuisances -- like using their applicances

Airbnb regulations pass — unanimously

Surprise vote could force a dramatic change in the cannibalization of housing in SF

$1 million in tech and real-estate money pours into June SF election

Airbnb, Google, Facebook, PG&E, the Association of Realtors, big landlords and developers are funding an effort to keep their allies in charge of the Democratic Party. We follow the money

The lessons of last fall’s Airbnb campaign

Julie Christensen sided with Airbnb and lost. Real coalitions have coat-tails