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Uncategorized Giants. Wow. Just wow.

Giants. Wow. Just wow.


At 29th and Mission.
At 29th and Mission.

By Tim Redmond

OCTOBER 29, 2014 — I’ve been watching the World Series since the Amazin’ Mets won in 1969, and I have never seen anything like tonight. Never seen a pitcher on so little rest come in and do so much … Never seen so unlikely a team make it to and win Game Seven on the road.

Wow. Just wow. Now let’s not burn any buses tonight.


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.


  1. Greg’s point is that if the behavior is just some generic misbehavior then that may indicate some discontent in their lives but it cannot reasonably be interpreted as being politically motivated.

    Most drunken misbehavior has little significance. Politically, Americans are very apathetic compared to Europeans.

  2. People rising up off of their asses from their couches atomized in front of TV or internet is an uprising in the literal sense.

  3. Greg is right and Marcos is wrong here. This was just senseless acting out. There was no political significance or ideological objective. It was just a bunch of drunk troublemakers having a riot because there was an excuse.

    Notice also that half of those arrested came from outside of SF. Sports fandom is broad, of course, but politics in the Bay Area tends to be very local. This again points to there being no political significance and no “uprising”.

    And in fact even when we have a mini-uprising, like Occupy, it’s only a few hundred people who quickly give up. We don’t do uprisings in the US.

  4. LOL, Greg, so all the celebrations were finished by 8.59pm? How interesting.

    I never said I was part of any riots. I did go out after the game to see the celebrations but saw the problems developing and didn’t go east of Valencia.

    I never said I support rioting here or anywhere else. You made that up.

  5. I think we can agree that for something to be an “uprising,” there has to be something that they’re rising up against. Otherwise it’s just a riot. If there was something that these folks were rising up against, I certainly missed it. Since you referred to this as an “uprising,” I thought that was an interesting choice of language to describe what was going on; myself seeing no evidence of an uprising, just mayhem, I thought you might fill me in on what exactly made you call this an uprising.

  6. I thought you supported the rioters, even hinting that you were joining them in their rioting (although you somehow found time to troll 48 Hills at 8:59PM as the rioting was getting into full swing). Earlier, you were lamenting that you didn’t see Tim out there with you in the Mission.

  7. Nothing. They were just acting out. There is an element within the city (and from outside, given that half the arrests were non-SF residents) that loves to cause trouble. You seem them in protests and demonstrations, and at occasions like this. I’d bet a fair wad it’s the same core of trouble-makers.

    As someone who presumably sympathizes with the causes of these protests, you should be wary of these dangerous interlopers, who turn people off from your causes with their vandalism and their violence.

  8. I am not very concerned about rioting in the streets in cases like this. There are many much more pressing issues that our tax dollars should be directed towards than over policing an occasional uprising.

  9. I also want to address my previous comment to Marcos, since he seems to not care about rioting in the streets. Sam, if you were being sarcastic in your posts, I apologize.

  10. Sam, I think people here are just expressing their dismay with just how poorly behaved our city residents can be when the Giants win the World Series. If you think that smashed police car windows, destruction of public transit vehicles, multiple fires, stabbings, and shootings are appropriate behavior following a World Series win, than please say so. Don’t try to deflect the conversation by claiming progressives are humorous, baseball-hating killjoys. As someone who commutes to the East Bay for work, I would have been royally pissed last night to arrive back in SF only to find out that bus service has been cancelled because because of safety concerns. If you think ride-sharing services fared any better, here’s proof that they didn’t:

    Even if you dislike SFist, the footage speaks for itself.

    As for Pablo Sandoval, I think he’s gone as of the 2015 season. I hate to see him go, but I believe the franchise thinks he’s a liability in the long-term.

  11. Projecting your prejudices onto other people, putting words in their mouths, is uncivil. Please respect Tim’s call for civility.

  12. Would you prefer “cultivated” or “urbane”?

    Not “effete”, surely?

    I was merely paying homage to someone who is clearly of very high sensibilities, for whom mundane things like sports hold no appeal.

  13. This is because Ed Lee has given the POA the keys to the SFPD and the main concern of the SFPD is to get home from work alive so that they’re one day closer to collecting a 90% pension at age 50.

  14. Yes, sports are only for children and any adults who fetishize sports are as infantile as an internet troll, uncivil too!

  15. So sports are for children? And your interests are far more refined. We are indeed fortunate to be blessed with the prognostications of one so sophisticated and cultured.

  16. When I was 7 and living in NYC, the Mets won the World Series. When we moved to Texas, I lived next door to Calvin Hill, babysat Grant Hill and went to as many Cowboy games as I wanted to. When I was in High School in Texas, football was a Big Thing. I’ve been to, seen and done the competitive professional sports thing from soup to nuts and have moved on. When your team wins the World Series in a Cinderella story when you are 7, that’s pretty much it.

  17. But hardly anything was damaged in the riots, hardly anyone had to wait hours to get home and only one person was shot, nothing atypical for an evening in San Francisco.

  18. You see rain when there is none there, perhaps it is because you are so pessimistic and negative like a true reactionary?

  19. Nice post, Tim. I’m with you on this. Just extraordinary Mad Bum performance with a great group of guys. Only issue: what will it cost to keep Pablo?

  20. Well, marcos, it wouldn’t be all that big a deal, if it didn’t take hours to get home, or if your car was damaged in the riots… or if you were the one shot.

  21. Nah… Sam found time to comment on the city college thread, so he was still at work. But apparently also in the Mission rioting. He’s a busy man, that Sam. Quite the multitasker. I guess shooting people and rioting is all good when it’s for a good cause, like winning a ballgame.

  22. I’m not sure which is more annoying, people getting worked up into a frenzy over professional sports or people getting worked up into a frenzy over people getting worked up into a frenzy over professional sports.

    One Big Yawn.

  23. Yeah, everyone but Greg is happy tonight. But then progressives always seem to prefer failure to success. Kudos to Tim for avoiding that trend but, no, I didn’t see him out in the Mish last night. Too bad, because I have some writing tips for him 🙂

  24. ^ don’t be a party pooper!

    Where’s sam, btw? Maybe he busy getting shit faced on mission st tonight with Tim? Guess they both really likes the Giants.

    That’s americur for you.

  25. According to the twitteratti, several fires are burning in the Mission, one person has already been shot at 21st and Valencia, and police are using tear gas to disperse crowds. Glad I got home before the game ended. It’s a damned ballgame, people!

    Sooo… when is the official celebration again? My SO wants to be working from home that day. Wish I could do the same.

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