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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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UncategorizedThe Tom and Tim Show: Beyond the Mission Moratorium,...

The Tom and Tim Show: Beyond the Mission Moratorium, Caitlyn Jenner … and could there be a write-in campaign for mayor?

We’re not predicting anything, but stranger things have happened in this city


Tim Redmond
Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian. He is the founder of 48hills.
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  1. Nevius is loved? He’s a buffoon! One need only read the comments below any of his reactionary tirades.

  2. People in San Francisco love Nevius. I remember around the time of sit/lie there was support for him to run for mayor.

  3. “Progs can’t really blame newcomers(?) like Nevius (or even Conway)”

    Whatever else one may say about Conway, he is, AFAIK, an SF native. (I guess that means that a mere transplant like Tim Redmond should bow to his seniority, or something.)

  4. Ok, lets say he’s a shill. However, the Prog narative needs to change. They’d based their hating on the fact that SF is exceptionally better than other places – like the ‘burbs, like Walnut Creek.

    However, the narrative now has to shift — blaming fellow San Franciscans? This proves problematic. It goes against the thesis of “SF Values”. Progs can’t really blame newcomers(?) like Nevius (or even Conway) without at the same time opening themselves to the vulnerability of their own authenticity (as former newcomers to a previous George Christopher-Republican San Francisco). The Progs aren’t gonna disapprear. However, they will have to begin to share again.

    And without the moral high ground, the Progs are precariously perched as hubris hawks.

  5. Ok, I disagree. Not with the suggestion that Pols have their minds/votes made up.

    But in the course of public comment some minds may open a bit to possible nuance or compromise on the subject at hand; while others that were more or less undecided may coalesce around a decision

    I will agree though that this is pretty rare.

  6. You criticize Chistensen for making her mind up how to vote before hearing the public comments at the moratorium meeting. You said she should have not decided how to vote until AFTER the public comments.

    That would be a reasonable criticism if you had also criticized Campos for doing the exact same thing. Campos was clearly always going to vote for this thing regardless of what anyone else said at the meeting.

    And you could probably say that for nearly all of the supervisors, although Breed did commendably state at one point that she had an open mind.

    Realistically public comments almost never change the mind of any Supervisor. I would guess at least 90% of the time a Supe decides on their vote regardless. And that is fine because everyone knows that the folks who show up for these meetings are well to the left of most SF voters.

    So why criticize only Christensen for doing what nine other supervisors also did?

  7. Wherever Devius sleeps at night, he’s shill for anyone who will give him free tickets to sports events… he’s a disgrace and doesn’t deserve to call himself a “journalist”. He’s really just a lobbyist for the 1% who are evicting poor people and stealing our parks.

  8. Tom – Nevius DID live in Walnut Creek. However, that was after he was priced out of SF. He’s moved and been back in SF for the last 5 yrs. Your scold falls flat.

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