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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Steven T. Jones


Critical Mass turns 30

It's a party. It's a protest. It changed the way San Francisco thinks about bicycles.

Bike safety law has bipartisan support—but will Newsom sign it?

There's widespread agreement that bicyclists should treat stop signs as yield signs. The governor has rejected that proposal in the past.

At American Steel, a trailblazing artist community is displaced for redevelopment

Tight-knit Burning Man clan reckons with moving—but may have itself paved the way for West Oakland industrial hub's gentrification

Burning Man is back—but a lot has happened since 2019

Black Rock City returns after two years of pandemic cancellations, DIY experiments and financial hardships

‘It was the same story’: Bay’s iconic industrial art hubs are a dying breed

Filmmaker Yasmin Mawaz-Khan upcoming documentary offers look at one battle lost: the Ace Junkyard's quixotic 2009 fight for survival.

We don’t need to ‘get back to work’

People are dying to get back to work, top Republicans have been saying for the last month, justifying efforts to force the U.S. economy...

Can a museum exhibit capture Burning Man?

It has blinky lights, art cars, the gifting of trinkets, and the Temple of Reunion by legendary temple-builder David Best. There’s cool video from...

Biking California’s closed coastal highway

We met them in Lucia, which is less a town than a remote store and restaurant along California’s coastal highway, 13 miles north of...

The man behind The Man: Larry Harvey, 1948-2018

The death of Larry Harvey was a major loss for the Burning Man culture that started in San Francisco and spread around the world. Larry...

Trump’s offshore oil plan is a hostile act by a rogue nation

We can’t overstate just how much President Trump’s offshore drilling offensive threatens the planet and its inhabitants. Not only is he inviting dirty drilling...