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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Tagged with: Assault Weapons

Blue skies, Blue Angels—and not many members of the public—at Feinstein memorial

More cops than mourners as the late mayor and senator is remembered fondly by her friends.

Why so many mass killings? It’s simple.

In Colorado, military-level weapons, designed for mass murder, are for sale at your local gun store.

Letter from Kenosha: A community under seige

A police shooting, a right-wing vigilante, military humvees, and a small town trying to heal

The horror that is the RNC

I almost couldn’t watch. And I’ve watched a lot of bad politics. The Republican Convention has been something different, a new low beyond the worst...

Large, enthusiastic crowd welcomes Bernie Sanders to San Francisco

Adults, teens, children and their pets gathered in Green Meadow Park near Fort Mason on a sunny Sunday afternoon March 24. Sen. Bernie Sanders...

Will the state Democratic Party support public power?

The collapse of Pacific Gas and Electric Company is leading to serious efforts on both the statewide and the local level to replace the...

Is your retirement money invested in gun manufacturers?

Local gun control advocates have a new target in their crosshairs – 401K retirement plans. An online petition was introduced this week asking Vanguard, one...

How do we respond to the white supremacists?

The White Supremacists are coming to San Francisco Saturday/26, and while city leaders have already made it clear they and their hate are not...

Gun violence and harm reduction

Deadly attacks on large groups of people are happening all over the world. Most of the time, politicians call it “terrorism.” It’s happened in...

SF responds to Orlando horror with dignity, resolve, and numbers

The worst mass shooting in US history took place at a gay nightclub in Orlando, a place that catered to many Latino patrons. Many Republicans,...