Stories about Bicycles

Homeless advocates criticize Sheehy bike bill

What's a 'chop shop' and what's a collection of bicycles by someone without a roof over their head?

Caltrans strands bicyclists on the Bay Bridge

Cyclists get caught behind a locked gate on the new bridge bike path -- a serious safety issue

Resist Trump — dump Ford (and ignore the Super Bowl hype)

A Sunday Super Bowl ad touts Ford's new vision -- for a car-driven, non-union future. SF shouldn't be fooled

Rec-Park shows up at Preston event. Why?

The latest in a series of incidents where the Preston campaign has gotten hassled, for no real reason

SFPD manages not to kill armed suspect

Non-lethal options show that five other people shot and killed could have been alive today

Uber drivers block the bike lanes

Ride shares make it almost impossible to ride safely along Valencia corridor on weekend nights -- and there's no law enforcement in sight

The battle for the Bike Coalition reflects SF’s political divide

Should bicycle activists be part of a larger progressive movement -- or stick to a single issue and cut deals with developers and City Hall? That's what's at stake in a board election for the SF Bicycle Coalition

The Agenda, Dec. 7-13: The jail drama, tamales and global capital …

... and the supes hear how the Super Bowl party will screw up your life By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 9, 2015 – All the drama over...

The Agenda, Nov. 23-Nov. 30: The problem with affordable housing bonuses …

... and a couple of key elections that are still underway By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 23, 2015 – There’s not a lot going on at City...

Who pays for the damage the tech boom has done to SF?

We are allowing the industries that make great wealth to avoid paying for the human costs of their actions. That didn't work the last...