Monday, June 14, 2021

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Tagged with: Cartoons

Arts Forecast: No big parade, but Pride season’s already busting out the wigs and rainbows

Giant pink triangle, Oaklash, gay ballet, drag dance, Queer Women of Color Film Fest, more add abundant sparkle

Screen Grabs: Women electronica innovators to Sesame Street, new docs take on legends

Our critic's take on this week's batch of documentaries that bring back the heyday of Tiny Tim, and the emotional educational prowess of Big Bird.

Letter to the Editor: Weighing in on Garfield’s leftist cred

Garfield has been transformed into a icon of the left—but what's his creator doing with Mike Pence?

Behold, Garfield—now a joyful online leftist icon, lasagna and all

In the endless meme wars, Garfield has been granted a decidedly different fate than infamous Pepe the Frog.

It’s OK to laugh! Christina Spiegel’s cartoons bring comic relief to our moment

Alameda cartoon artist's deadpan one-liners and true-life characters provide human connection.

Supes approve police contract that many agree is a bad deal

Facing threats of layoffs and promises of POA remorse, board approves raises for cops with no guarantees they will stop blocking reforms.

Screen Grabs: Raining Internet cats and live-action dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs with the more family-friendly film events of the week. One is the new 20th Century Fox Animation/Disney live action...

Screen Grabs: All the latest from Iran

Fall is a busy time for Bay Area screens beyond the multiplex, and this week is no exception. There are no less than three...

Climate-change denial, right here in California

 “In California, facts and science still matter,” said Gov. Jerry Brown in a prepared statement. “These findings are profoundly serious and will continue to...

Screen Grabs: Jewish Film Fest, Eighth Grade, Blindspotting …

SCREEN GRABS The big noise at multiplexes this weekend will be Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again—a title that could serve just as well...