Stories about City Budget

The Agenda, 7/18-7/24: Look for a wild supes meeting

Who will stand up to the cops? Who will stand up to the mayor? Who is for higher taxes on mansions? Key votes will put the members on record

A Fox to guard the henhouse? Cop who shot Luis Gongora now part of police reform unit

Community leaders say putting an officer still under investigation for a homicide in a reform group is an insult

The Agenda, July 11-17: Why bad committee appointments matter …

... and the crazy period of budget approvals and deciding what goes on the November ballot

Solving the homeless crisis: Some immediate positive steps

The director of the Coalition on Homelessness talks about how we start to solve the problem of people forced to live on the streets

San Francisco residents demand resources to address housing crisis

'Let's get in and march up there and tell the budget committee what we want done.'

The Agenda, Nov. 30-Dec. 6: A climate-change solution in SF?

Could this city lead the way with a carbon tax? And do we need a new jail? By Tim Redmond NOVEMBER 30, 2015 – I was...

The Agenda, June 29-July 5: Mark Farrell’s attack on tenant advocates ….

... And why some say San Francisco needs a Housing Commission to deal with the biggest issue in the city By Tim Redmond JUNE 29, 2015...

The Agenda, March 7-12: Newsom’s failures, inside and outside politics, PG&E and Ed Lee’s lobbyist donors

The week ahead also includes an important discussion over whether "live-work" lofts can be converted to normal dwellings without paying affordable housing fees By Tim...

Could there be a Grand Bargain solution to the housing crisis?

By Tim Redmond DECEMBER 1, 2014 -- You talk about housing in this city, you get lots of response. And when you suggest something as...