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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Tagged with: climate change

From deep sea volcanoes to Antarctica, an artist who collaborates with scientists

Berkeley's Lily Simonson paints remote parts unknown to wake us up to our impact on the planet.

Does SF have enough water to give some back to the salmon—and the ecosystem?

SF is hoarding water and killing fish—or it's preserving a precious resource from impending drought. Depends whose numbers you believe.

Screen Grabs: Green Film Fest regenerates with a ’70s sci-fi classic

A new version of the fest springs up around Earth Day. Plus: two very different Aussie flicks and 'All the Old Knives' reviewed

Yes, trust science. It’s real. But it’s sometimes more complicated than that

The history of the scientific establishment in the US is full of great advances and abject horror stories.

Join climate action benefit ‘Promise to our Planet’ online, March 25

'Truth. Justice. Action.' is the theme of Acterra's free fundraising benefit, packed with speakers and dedicated to equitable solutions.

Smoky air, social distancing: Gina Gaiser chronicles subtle moments of our now

The photographer takes inspiration from Warhol's quote: 'You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.'

Screen Grabs: ‘Who We Are’ lays out just how much racial justice has stalled

Plus: Poetic 'Why is We Americans,' listless 'Sundown,' rousing 'The Conductor'—and 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,' too.

Screen Grabs: ‘Simple Passion’ is French, explicit, and kind of meh

Plus: A ludicrous new Woody Allen movie, Poly Styrene's life gets x-rayed, Italian youth speak out

Screen Grabs: ‘Ascension’ spotlights China’s thirst for profit, sex dolls and all

Plus: 3rd i, Veterans Fest, Night Raiders, and three films with very long titles from Japan, Lesotho, and Georgia

The deep problem with the Glasgow summit that leads to failure

The global elites ask none of the insanely rich to give up anything, and let oil companies off the hook—while they seek sacrifice from the rest of us. Not going to work.